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Embed voice notes onto your website & speak to your audience — as if you’re right there.

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Our mission is to provide a one-stop & no-code solution to let you leverage the power of voice.

Voicl Speak

Speak to your audience directly by enabling our customizable voice notes.

Voicl Listen

Receive better feedback by letting your users TELL you instead of writing it.

Voice To Go

Don't feel comfortable sharing your voice? No worries, we will create voicys for you.


Not only did we increase our engagement and CTR, but we were also able to establish a real connection to our customers.

Carl Henderson
Our Product

Why Voicl?

Welcome your users.

As soon as a user enters your page, tell them a quick nice hello and make them feel appreciated.

Explain your product or service.

Sometimes a good copy just isn't enough to make people understand what it is you do. Instead, simply tell them in your own words, using your own voice.

Use vocal CTA's.

Increase your conversion rate by bringing your CTA's to the next level. Don't just write, talk!

Make your website accessible.

Use your voice to explain your written content to your audience. Provide everyone a fair chance understanding your concepts while not missing out on the personal experience.

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Get answers to our most asked questions.

Will voicys slow down the speed of my website?

No, don't worry about that.

How do I add the voicys on my website?

When you first sign up you will add your website URL. You then want to add the one line of code we provide to your website's head tag. Later, when creating the voicys, you can use our smart embed option, which lets you see where your voicy will go and do the work for you.

What happens to my voicys when my free trial expires?

Don't worry, we won't delete your voicys. They will simply be disabled until you subscribe to a plan. After that they will be back up and running.💪

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards.

I have surpassed my monthly views and need more, what should I do?

No worries. Simply upgrade to a higher plan or reach out to us for a custom solution.

I want to add voicys, however I do not feel comfortable talking. Do you offer support?

Yes, we offer voicys as a service. Shoot us a message hey@voicl.com.! :)

I wanna see the product before I commit, is that possible?

Absolutely! Go ahead and book a demo with us here.

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