Feb 11, 2022

Add audio to your blog

Adding audio to your blog can be a powerful tool in order to bring across your message to your audience. So how is it done?

Step 1: Create your audio

Visit voicl.com and choose the template you like best. Now customize your audio to match your blog’s and brand’s aesthetics. You can change the colors, the copy, the picture etc.

Step 2: Add your audio

You can either upload an existing MP3 file or simply record your voice note right here.

Step 3: Copy your code

Now, depending on the embedding style you choose, you will either receive an iframe code or you can directly place your voicy on your website from the Voicl app.

Step 4: Add your code to your blog

ahead and place your code where you want your audio to appear.

Step 5: You’re all set!

Congrats!! You have successfully added audio to your blog. Your audience will thank you for providing a fun and different experience. By the way, did you know that you can also just as easily receive spoken feedback from your visitors? Check out this article right here to find out how spoken feedback can help improve your business and how to implement it into your website.

Start recording your first audio!