Feb 06, 2022

How spoken customer feedback improves your business

Doesn’t matter which type of business you run – whether it’s a saas, selling physical products, services or creating content online – the success of your business ultimately depends on your customers.

In order to deliver to your audience exactly what it is they need you need to know your target audeince very well. This includes demographics but also taking into consideration their direct feedback. There’s nothing more rewarding than listening to customer feedback, adjusting your product/service accordingly and delivering solutions your customers genuinely want and need.

There are many reasons why collecting customer feedback is amongst the best strategies to improve your business.

  1. Your customers feel heard and involved which will make them appreciate you as a business even more
  2. You get to find out the pain points your customers have which helps you pivot your product/service towards a solution that makes the most sense to your customers
  3. It is really easy to validate new launches/features/content ideas by receiving direct feedback right away
  4. Your business will be able to grow towards a niche solution that will actually solve your customers’ problems and satisfy their needs

But what is the best way to collect customer feedback?

While there are a number of tools out there allowing you to collect customer feedback very easily, all of them work on a write-and-read basis or clicking of respective emojis such as šŸ‘ / šŸ‘Ž.

While these solutions do fulfill their purpose, they’re not the most effective when it comes to collecting real feedback that holds nothing back. The most effective way to collect feedback is via voice. Yes, you heard that right – let your customers tell you directly instead of having them write down their thoughts.

Voicl offers a number of pretty templates to add to your website in order to collect spoken feedback – 100% customizable to match your brand. Check out the example below ā¬‡ļø

3 use cases for a Voicl listen widget

3 upsides of spoken feedback compared to written feedback:

ā¶ Being able to speak instead of write encourages people to leave their thoughts as it is less time consuming and doable on the go

ā· Spoken feedback reflects the way people feel about your product much easier as voice transmits emotions better than text does

āø People can make improvement suggestions way easier. Especially for content creators, imagine your audience giving you tips and tricks on how you can improve your audio quality by giving vocal comparisons.

Overall, spoken feedback is as real as feedback can get and gives you the chance to pivot your business towards what your audience really wants.

Try it out for free on voicl.com!