Feb 01, 2022

Why an interactive website will increase engagement and conversions

People spend an average of 2.5h surfing the internet each day. Most people spend most of their online time on social media – but why?

The answer is fairly simple. Social media stimulates and invites people to be interactive: post selfies, like content, respond to peers and @ your favorite celebrities nagging them why they haven’t released an album in 5 years (yes, Rihanna, I am talking about you).

But why is interaction so attractive for people?

Social interaction online has become a way to replace real life interactions and satisfies society’s need to be involved, included and heard. People just love adding their 5 cents to things – even if they have no clue what they’re talking about. They wanna participate.

Knowing that, there is one question that comes to mind: Why are 80% of websites on the open internet still static, plain and don’t offer any type of interaction for its users? And no, asking your visitors to add their email address to receive the totally-different-than-everyone-else’s newsletter does NOT count.

The truth is…

…that many website owners don’t offer any interactive elements because they simply don’t know how to add them.

That’s where voicl comes in. 

Voicl gives you a number of voice powered widgets which you can easily embed onto your website. You can introduce yourself with a quick customized voice note, make your written content more accessible by reading it out loud and even tell a joke or two. Plus, you can actively ask your audience for their direct feedback which. They will also add via voice.

Now, this sounds all good and cool – your audience is having fun and your website sure as place-where-bad-people-go-to-after-death stands out amongst it’s competitors – but what’s in it for you? Like actually?

The answer lies in the sentence you just read. Your audience is having fun. They engage. That’s positive for you because they will spend more time on your website which will automatically drive your website’s engagement rate.

Picture this: You’re browsing the internet and enter a website. You see a voice note, expecting it to be some robotic type voice trying to sell you something. Suddenly the website host himself starts talking to you. Wait – was that actually him? Let me listen again.

Yea, that’s kinda cool.

And just like that, you as a website host have built a foundation of trust and interest, simply by adding interactive elements to your website.

If done smart, you can turn trust into conversions as well. Our CTA („Call-to-action“) voicys are perfect for that – tell your audience what you’d like them to do instead of writing it.

Try our voice powered widgets for free on voicl.com/signup!